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Monday, September 29, 2014

Transfers again!

Another 6 weeks have flown by again, and it is transfer season again. 

"Its beginning to look a lot like Transfers, everywhere I go, there are trainers left and right, one in the park as well, and taxi-brusses and travels everywhere!!!"

That was my poor attempt at writing a song for the season. It probably didn't work too well. But transfer news is out and let me tell my story of this last week.

So last monday was a good day, after the cyber, we went with some members and had a nice soiree. And then on Tuesday we worked hard. We taught 7 times on Tuesday and it was very very good. But on Tuesday, Elder Christiansen called a different person in our house and asked him a lot of questions. So I was already thinking that my area could split and the awkward phone call made me believe more so that. Later in the day, I get another phone call from Elder Cloward following up on the earlier phone call. But this time he talked directly to me about what other things we needed in our house to accommodate two extra missionaries. So this made it extremely obvious what was happening. And then Wednesday we had the APs go on splits with us. Elder Christiansen went with my companionship and Elder Fox went with the Ambohibao Elders. And Elder Christiansen found out that I knew our area was going to split and so we talked a lot about the split and the things that were going to happen. So I thought it was pretty clear that my companion and I would both stay here and split the area. So Elder Christiansen let us believe that, and so Wednesday we worked hard, and Thursday was a pretty good day as well.

So Friday comes along, and Friday I have a meeting with President Adams and the Stake President. We were waiting for the meeting, and the Stake President never showed up. So we talked about the area and everything involved. When we were finished we ended up back at the office with President Adams. No one else had showed up yet. So we get back there and President invites me into his office, alone. I sit down and he said. "Elder Weber, you're getting transferred. You are coming into the office." At this point I was pretty shocked, because my thoughts went to me becoming an office elder. But that was weird because they shouldnt have changed this transfer. And then he continues, "You will be Elder Fox's new companion." And then it all made sense, I was being transferred to being an AP. Mom note: AP stands for Assistant to the President (as in the mission president over all of the missionaries in Madagascar.)

So and then after that I started saying goodbyes to people and things like that through Sunday.

Also this Saturday was a really good day. We had two baptisms. Patrick, the 15 year old, and Zafimahay, a 9 year old kid. Both of which asked me to do the baptism. It was a really good experience for all of us. They are awesome and are really ready. It was kinda hard though saying goodbye to all the really great people in this branch. The work is going so well and it was really hard to say goodbye. 

I will be transferring over to Anjanahary tonight to start the work as an AP. We have 17 new missionaries coming on Wednesday that need to be taken care of. So that all has to get done in the next few days. There is a lot of work to get done and little time. We will see what happens. 

So I am happy but also sad. It will be a fun experience, and there are some perks. First of all, I will be driving. Watch out Madagascar here I Come!!! But also with that, the APs do not get to teach very often, because they are busing doing all sorts of other things. Lots of meetings. Transfer meetings, MLC, OLC, Office Meeting, and who knows what else. But it will be a fun time. Elder Fox is an absolutely awesome person and I am excited to work with him. 

The pictures are of a cute kid, the two recent converts, and Norberts family, when I said goodbye. 

So I am sure this next week I will have some adventures to write you guys about. Including I think 3 meals with Sister Adams cooking this week, talk about being spoiled. 


Elder Weber 

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