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Thursday, June 6, 2013

MTC Adventure: Half complete

Hey all!!!!!!

So Tuesday marked my offical half way mark here at the MTC (or should I say at the two MTC's). It has been a great experience and I have quite a bit to talk about.... if I can remember what happened this week.

So last Thursday after we wrote we went down to Brigham's Landing and ate which was wonderful. The Jamba Juice there gives half off to missionaries and so they are going to be making bank this summer off of us. Last Thursday night we had our first TRC which is Teaching Resource Center, which is teaching people in our language. We teach our teachers all the time, but for TRC they bring in volunteers that speak the language, for us returned missionaries from Mada. It is a really fun time because they aren't playing investigators, rather they are just playing themselves. So it is more like a home teaching or Family home Evening lesson than an investigator lesson. They love to help us and work with us when we make absolutely no sense at all. Oh on a side note, We saw Tyler Haws at the Temple last week and he said hi to us elders.

Friday was another day with lots of class time and language time and all that jazz. Saturdays tend to be a bit relaxing  because it is more of a review day than it is a new instruction day. But otherwise Saturdays are just pretty normal.

Now Sundays are a different story. This Sunday was fast sunday meaning that we have Mission Conference in the morning. Essentially it is like a stake conference where there are a bunch of speakers for two hours. That was really cool and we had some awesome people talk. After that we have District Meeting (rather boring if you ask me) and then we had Sacrament Meeting which was really good and we get to meet in a chapel!! hahahaha better than meeting in a little room at the MTC. We had a typical fast and testitmony meeting which is cool because at the end of each testimony people give their testimony in their respective language which is cool with our languages. We said goodbye to the greeks and now it is just the Malagasy's and the Indonesians and the Malays I think. We get more people next Wednesday supposedly. On Sunday we also still had our regular devotional which was anything but regular. They had the stage set up, but not the pulpit and not any of the chairs. We had Ted Gibbons come to speak and all he did the whole time was to tell the story of Joseph Smith's last days as recounted by Wiliam Richards, his personal secretary who was in Carthage Jail with him at the time of the matrydom. He acted in character and it was really moving as he had it all memorized and it was really impressive and touching. Then we watched the Testaments which was really cool.

Monday was classes and Tuesday morning was about the same. Tuesday night we had a very doctrinally insighful devotional all about the organization and teachings of Christ's Church when Christ put it on the Earth, and compared it to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Everything from the organization, to the teachings, to the ordinances, to the living revelation. It was given by Ted R. Callister. It was really good. Also on Tuesday we had choir and started practicing the two songs we are singing at the worldwide broadcast. We are singing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir arrangements of Called to Serve and Hark all ye nations. So I said that the choir was going to be 1100 missionaries, which is true but it not the whole truth. I also found out that they are including 1100 members from American Fork down to Springville to make the choir an impressive 2200 people. haha It is going to be so big and so cool!

I guess that I should include the kinda semi-important kinda cool news I have. So this morning Elder Fisher (not my companion, but in my district) and I auditioned for a special musical number, and we were told that we are a yes. Meaning that we are going to be used to perform at at least one devotional, it could be a departing devotional on Sunday for missionaries leaving, a welcome devotional for new missionaries, or a Sunday night devotional for the whole MTC. They have not told us what they want to use us for, they have to wait to hear all the auditions and then decide what to do from there. But we did get the yes which means we are going to be doing something. We are playing Sally Deford's arrangement of My Heavenly Father Loves Me which is a piano duet.

Yeah so a few details on the Worldwide broadcast I keep talking about. The reason I am really excited for it is because that the speakers include President Monson, President Packer, and other memebers of the twelve. So thats why I have been rather excting about it happening. Starting next week all of the Tuesday devotionals all summer will be held at the Marriott center so we will get to walk all the way down there for that. And Sunday devotionals will start alternating between the two campuses. One week here, one week at the real MTC, etc. That way it is fair to all missionaries. So on June 16th the first one will be held at wyview and there will only be like 200 people in the audience which will be exciting.

Well I am going to send some pictures, and I am sure that I forgot to tell you guys something but I really cannot remember. Ny namako reminded me what I forgot. I LOVE ELDER ROUSH!! He says hi to everyone even though he knows nobody. Oh side note, if there is still an Elder Strong serving in Dublin Ward and his first name is Halen, my companion Jake Roush says hi. They were good friends in high school. He also has a friend who just left the MTC for Indianapolis, so if you are ever working out there and meet an Elder Drew Smith my companion knows him too.

Well time is out... so I should probably go. Love you Love you Love you!
Elder Weber

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