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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Time is Almost Here: 2 weeks remaining


This week has flown by super super quickly!! So... what should I talk about....

Lets start with the quick rundown of all the craziness going on! I LEAVE IN 11 DAYS!! I am getting so excited and we also are starting to get really crazy and everything. Our flight plans should be here either Friday or Saturday and we are really excited to get the info. We know that these flights are going to kill us, since we are going halfway around the world (literally). It will be interesting to see how we are going to travel there. Also as far as when we are going to play the piano as a special musical number, we do not know yet. Hopefully it is this sunday at the sunday devotional that will be broadcasted from Wyview. That would be so awesome!! But if not, oh well! The time here is flying by quickly and I am really excited to get out of here and back into the real world.

This last week we have grown a lot. The language is really starting to come along and I think that it is going to be possible after all. The teachers keep telling us how impressed they are and that they are so proud of how we are handling the 6 weeks. We keep teaching investigators, but after the middle of next week we will be done with that and the last few days we do a ton of other stuff. We lose all of the Malay's and Indonesian's the beginning of next week and so then after Tuesday next week our zone will be down to 17 people. The 13 Malagasy's and the 4 new greeks we got last night! I started talking to one of the new Greeks last night and he is an inspiration. His name is Elder Boyce and he has only been a member for 14 months and he is really cool. He is 26 and is from South London. He has a really interesting story and its amazing that he decided that he wanted to serve a mission! Hearing his story last night was such an inspiration to me. We also have 1 other new greek elder from Scotland, and two sisters, one from Italy, and the other from Finland.

So on Tuesday this week, we had the first Tuesday Devotional at the Marriot Center! It was really neat walking and meeting together with all of the missionaries. It was a really neat experience, and the choir was massive. We sang one of the songs that will be sung at the Worldwide broadcast and we will sing the other song next week for practice. The choir ended up about 1800 people on Tuesday night which was really interesting. It was like half of the missionaries that were there were in the choir. Devotionals are always good here and they make everything else in the week go better.

On Tuesday we also had our Malaria meeting with the doctors, and I picked up my drugs today. They have us on Doxycycline which looks like the best medication for us to be on. We compared three different drugs. The first one, Lariam, can cause serious psychological problems including hallucinations and depression and anxiety. That pill was a once a week pill that cost $1.50 a pill. Doxycycline is one that is commonly used as an acne medication and the only side effect is if you lay down within 30 minutes of taking it, it might burn a hole in your esophagus. Not the best, but it will make us not lay down after taking it. It is once a day and is $0.20 a pill. The last one isn't even remotely and option even though it is the best medication because it is a daily pill and costs approximately $5.00 a pill. That would cost the church several thousands of dollars per each missionary. We do have a missionary in the 13 of us, who is not planning on taking the medication because of his own personal opinions. He thinks he can use some natural oils and keep himself from getting it. In my personal opinion, and the opinion of the doctors, its a stupid idea. The CDC says that the whole country of Madagascar is a risk area and the chances of contracting it are moderate. Not going to risk it, you can bet that I will be downing the pills daily.

Today I got my hair cut, and I'm not sure how much I like it. The rules here are that they cannot cut the top less than finger length, and so they didn't do anything to the top, but they cut down the sides nice and short for me. It looks different then I have ever had my hair, but it will work.

I am not sure what else I should write about today, so I think that this is all for this week.

I saw Michael, and I got my picture book (which I love), and I got the package from Kim!

Lots of love until next week!
Elder Weber

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