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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where oh where is the time going??

Where oh where is the time going?? OH where oh where can it be?
It is almost the end of October and it is extremely hard to believe. Transfers are this week and nothing changed with me, which was expected. One of the elders in my house goes home this week, and his replacement is one of the elders from my last house, Elder Midgley!! I am really excited to have him move back in. He is in my group and way awesome!! Also my MTC companion is getting transferred to Office Elder!!
But in other news this week, the elections happened this last Friday here in Madagascar! They actually happened peacefully. There were a total of 33 candidates that ran. They are still totaling the tallies, but should have a total by the end of the week. In order to be the winner, the top person needs over 50 percent. Since that will most likely not happen, there will be another election in December, December 20, between the top two people from this election. Right now, from what I have heard, the run off will probably be between these two candidates. The one supported by the current president, and the other supported by the old president, who the coup threw out. If this ends up the case, the election in December could possibly be a political version of the coup again. We will see... But all is calm right now.
This week my companion and I worked really hard, and we managed to meet our goal, which was 31 times. We were extremely happy about that, because with the training program, our time for working each day is limited. We are hoping to hit possibly 35 this week. This is a lot, but very possible for the area that we are in. We are hoping that this next week we can work harder and achieve even more. The work is going extremely well, the biggest problem we are facing is getting our investigators to church. This is a common problem, but we are working on it. Each week we have like 15 promises, but like 7 or 8 show up. The problem is consistency. Its not the same 7 or 8 each week, and that is part of the problem. We need all of the investigators coming always. 
Mom Note: "Times" is shorthand for the number of times they taught lessons.
On the other hand, we are doing really well. We have a great way of finding new investigators. So we are so busy teaching, that we really dont have much time to find new investigators, but this is the way our area is going. During the week while we are going to all the lessons we have people stop us and ask to learn, this last week it was 3 different people that asked us. It is really convenient to not have to worry about knocking doors. My companion and I have not knocked a single door since we have been in this area. We have been too busy to, which I am ok with.
Feel free to ask questions, because I sometimes run out of things to say.
OH I almost forgot a story. This last week we were supposed to have a convert baptism, a young girl, 14, whose grandmother is a member, but no body else is. I have never met her mom, but her dad agreed to let her be baptized, signed the papers and everything. The district leader held the interview and she passed with flying colors. Then on Thursday morning our bishop gets a call from the mom, we still have no idea how she got the number, saying that she is Apokolispy and does not accept the baptism of her daughter. So that night we visit, and the dad and the grandmother did not know that she called the bishop, and they were very upset that we told them that the girl could not be baptized if the mother did not accept. They told us in malagasy culture, the father is the patriarch and also has the final saying on any decisions in the family. They wanted to continue on with the baptism. The bishop informed us that that is the culture, but malagasy law now states that it has to be both parents approval. So long story short, she cant get baptized right now and we dont know if we can get the mothers approval.
No pictures today, nothing is working.
Elder Weber

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