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Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Letter from 11/25/2013
Happy thanksgiving everyone!!
This past week was a good week, capping it off with two baptisms. My companion and I each did one of the baptisms and it went really well. We are looking forward to hopefully about 7 baptisms here in December, and a few more in January.
Coming up on the 3nd of December, we have a zone conference with Elder Renlund of the 70, who is also the Area President. It should be really good, more on that in two weeks.
This last week we had a zone meeting in which our zone leader recapped the meetings with Elder Cook of the 70 when he was here a few weeks ago. In that recap, we found that Elder Cook would like the missionaries working in a 30 minute radius of the church buildings. Yes that is a walking radius, not a driving. This is so that members live closer and can more easily travel to church each Sunday. They are also starting to work on reorganizing boundaries and stakes to make it more convenient for that 30 minute radius. They are also looking for more buildings to rent and lease in order to accomplish that goal. I believe in the next year they would like to get that all accomplished to better help the work progress.
On that front, we are not currently working in a 30 minute radius. Everyone was counseled to change their programs if they needed in order to accomplish that. We have since talked to the APs, because our entire ward lives more than 30 minutes away. So we are going to continue to teach where our members live, and then let the church buildings and ward boundaries come to us. My ward right now is leading this stake in full tithe paying Melchizedek priesthood holders. My ward is planning on splitting here in the next year, which will help grow the church. My honest belief is that before the end of my mission Mada will have 4 stakes. Three in Tana, and 1 in Antsirabe. Right now we only have two here in Tana.*
We have a lot of investigators right now and the work here is doing really well. We are hoping to have a great week coming up.
So yesterday was our ward primary program, which went really well. The only thing was naturally they asked me on Saturday night to play for them. It went well was really easy, but it was a little bit of a pain. We are also preparing for a concert in December, a combined concert between our two wards that share our building. We are excited for that upcoming concert. It should be a lot of fun!
Well the rainy season has kinda started here, and will continue until April. We have quite a bit of random rains now happening. It rains sometimes in the afternoon, or sometimes in the evenings, sometimes it hails, but I am still trying to figure out how to predict when it all happens. I have some pics of the hail, but I forgot my camera today and so I cant send any of the pics that I wanted to send.
Life is going really well, and I am really really excited for the upcoming holiday season! I love Christmas and I have already well started listening to the Christmas music in my apartment. I am so excited for what the future holds in store.
Until Next week!!
Elder Weber

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