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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Another week gone by

October 20th letter

So this week we had a lot of things happen. Lots and Lots and Lots of things happen.

So last monday was fun. After being egged and floured than we went and started the making of our suits. We will be going to pick them up in a few minutes. And then we went out and taught a time on Monday.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. We got our studies and then after we got to the office and did a bunch of work getting things ready for OLC and doing stats, and all sorts of things. 

Wednesday we attempted to go on a split with 67HA and with Ampefiloha. The key word is attempted. We went out in the morning, and ran into Norbert. We got some breakfast with him. And then we only got to 3 oclock before we get a call that there was something for us to do, and so we ended the split early. Lets tell stories.

So some things have happened recently health wise and we have sent home 4 missionaries in the last 2 weeks. So we have been running around trying to figure out who to move where and things like that. So as part of this we activated a visa waiter. That is a malagasy who is waiting for a visa to go to South Africa for his mission. And so he is working down in Fort D for us right now. However, so we decide to activate him, and fly him down to Fort D on Thursday. His flight was going to be at 9am and so we had planned to get him set apart that morning at 6 and then have him at the airport at 7. And then Air Maybe (Air madagascar) decided to change the flight to 7AM and so that means he should be at the airport at 5 and so the setting apart would be at 4. So obviously thats a bit ridiculous and so they ended up getting him set apart last minute on Wednesday. And so we went and picked him up and got him set apart and he spent the night with us, and then we woke up at 3:45AM. Took him to the airport which went really smooth.

Another random airport story. The airport here is really annoying and causes so many headaches. So on Friday we took two missionaries to the airport and the first ones ticket went through fine. However the second one's wouldnt work. The ticket that the airport saw was for from South Africa to home, but it didnt show Tana to South Africa. But our ticket showed all of it. So luckily we were the first people in line when check-in started at 1 oclock and we were the last ones there fighting at 2:30, when the plane left at 3. It was pretty crazy, and really annoying. President is on the phone with Salt Lake, and there were lots of talking and phone calls and problems back and forth. But we are used to this with the airport, after all, it is Air Maybe. 

But I should tell you the other things that are happening.

So a little surprise, Marc Ravalomanana came back! For those that aren't following the political schemes of Madagascar, heres an update. The President that was ousted by the coup in 2009 and has been living in exile in South Africa since decided to come back last Monday, unannounced. And then the government promptly "arrested" him for his own safe-guarding. However they say arrested, his family says kidnapped. So there have been a few rumblings on the street. This past Saturday there was a small demonstration that ended in the police shooting some tear gas into the protesters. So that is what is going on here. BUT we are always prepared. We knew about the planned demonstrations on Friday and so all missionaries avoided that entire area on Saturday. We are also prepared for anything that may come our way. President Adams is very concerned about our safety and we won't be here any longer than he feels safe to keep us here. 

Ebola still hasnt made much noise here in Mada, except everyone agrees that if it got here, the results would be pretty horrific. President also made a passing comment about how quick he would get us out of here if ebola broke out here. 

But thats life in Madagascar! I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world!

Elder Weber 

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