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Thursday, November 6, 2014

One exciting travel later

November 3rd letter


Another exciting week has flown by. I cannot believe that time flies this fast. It was a crazy super fast week.

So Monday night, we taught one time, and then all day on Tuesday we did our normal things, which involves working on stats and working on getting things ready for an exciting trip. It was a good day, but a little busy.

And then Wednesday the fun started. We took a trip to Fianarantsoa to go on splits with the missionaries there. So Wednesday morning we woke up early and got on the road by 7. Elder Fox drove down. Its quite a long drive to Fianarantsoa. But on the way, we stopped by in Antsirabe and surprised the missionaries there. They didnt know we were coming, but we just showed up and walked into their houses. It was a lot of fun catching up with them. And then got some lunch and then continued our trip. We got partly to Ambositra when we recieved a call from President Adams. We had set up with President Adams to have a transfer meeting in the morning before we left, but he wasnt able to do it and so we shifted it to the afternoon. So when he called we pulled off the road in a mountainous, forested area, with a few houses around, hooked him up to the car's bluetooth, and then pulled out our transfer binders and papers, and had a meeting. President this last week was on a trip as well. He was over in Reunion. So while we were sitting in the car on the side of the road in a mountainous foresty area, he was sitting in his hotel room in Reunion looking out over the ocean. This probably goes down in history as one of the most incredible transfer meetings in all history. And then we continued our trip and stopped in Ambositra and met with the missionaries there. Really great missionaries we have down there right now. And then we continued our long, windy, bumpy trip. We finally made it to Fianarantsoa in the evening and decided to find somewhere to eat some grub. We found a really nice restaurant and walked inside and the waiter was so happy to see us and to talk to us. We found out that a while before he had been an investigator and that he was learning from the missionaries. They had somehow lost contact with each other (a pretty easy thing to happen in this country, as people move all the time, and half the times their phones dont work, and the other half of the times they dont even have a phone) and he was happy to talk with us. We later got his number and got him in contact with the missionaries in F-soa. 

So then Thursday we got to work. We met with the senior couple down there, the Rakotoarisoa couple, and met with them about what all is happening in F-soa. Then we had a district meeting, and then we went on splits. I went with Elder Garcia and Elder Glazier in F-soa South on bikes. Fianarantsoa is known for their hills, and it was a bit hard on bikes on some of those hills. Well it was a good day and we had so many miracles. We found a whole bunch of just brand new people that all seem so excited to learn the gospel. The people in F-soa just seem so ready to receive the gospel and I was so happy to be able to work there and help the missionaries there grow their area.

And then on Friday, we went and visited a few of the less active members with the senior couple and then switched to different areas for splits. I went on a split in F-soa North 1 which is with Elder Lehr and Elder Mack. It was another really fun day, but this one was full of contacting. It was good because we found SO MANY new people for them to teach. I think we walked away with something more than 10 new contacts for them and with a few for the other areas in Fianarantsoa. It was a lot of fun and hopefully some of those new contacts will turn into awesome investigators. 

And then Saturday morning, we woke up early and started the travel back. I drove the whole way home. We really didnt stop at all, except for a little lunch break in Antsirabe for about 30 minutes. We got back about 3:30 and then did some office work, and then we went out and taught our investigator Andry who will actually be getting baptized this next Saturday! And then we went home and slept, because we got so dang tired during our few days in Fianarantsoa. The drive was just exhausting.

And then Sunday. We went to church. And then we went and taught 4 lessons!!! That's really good for our area. We actually taught quite a bit this week being on those splits, just not quite so much in our own area. But 4 in one day is really good for us in our area. Although there have been times in my mission where 4 a day was really quite bad.

So this is a pre-transfer week, meaning that we have to finish deciding on transfers and then figuring everything else out about who is going where, when, how, and who will take them to and from the different bus stops, and airports, and etc. So we get to figure out the logistics at the end of this week, once transfers have been decided.

Its really weird thinking that a whole transfer as an AP is already about to be done!

Til next week!

Elder Weber 

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