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Monday, December 30, 2013

Twas a Good Christmas

Hello Everybody!!

I had a wonderful Christmas here in Madagascar!!

On Monday we had a great party with the Todd's and ate and had a very nice time watching, "Its a wonderful life!" And we had a great zone meeting where we set some good goals for the upcoming months.

Tuesday we had a huge Christmas party with three branches combined, and had a lot of fun watching people singing and dancing, and they even made the missionaries dance. We also had a little spiritual fireside with a bunch of new investigators, which was great!!

On Wednesday, we went with the missionaries and sang carols to people in the hospital that were sick. The hospitals here are really quite sad, and it was sad to see the lack of medications and facilities that they have. Afterwards we had a great time at the cyber, taking to some people, although I dont remember who.

Thursday was back to work as normal. This week we did fairly well even though we had a short time working because of the holidays. I also went on a split on Thursday to do some bap interviews for Andranomanelatra's area. They had 5 baptisms this week that went extremely well!!

Besides that, it was just work as normal. We had a very solid 20 investigators at church this week, although we should be having more then that. We had a lot of new investigators come, the only problem with that is, they mostly came without their husbands. So we had 20 at church, but a lot of them were without the husbands, which would have been better.

Upcoming this Saturday, we have interviews with President Adams. Those will be good.

We think that there should be a lot of good progress this week with the area, and hopefully things will pick up in this area.

I forgot the camera today, so there will be no pictures today. I am sorry, but that means next week there should be a lot!! :)

We are preparing for some baptisms here in January for our area. And the other areas in the district are looking for about a combined 25 or so. So it should be a good start to the new year. I am hoping to prepare a lot of people for baptism in this area for hopefully in march and April, but we shall see!!

So three packages came on Thursday. The funniest thing about it is, in the package from Dear Elder that had Babas address on it, had Kims card, and the one with Kims address, had babas card. So thanks for the gifts, but I dont know which one came from who. The other package was from the family and was delicious.

We will see what else shows up over the next few weeks.

Lots of Love!

Elder Weber

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