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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Guess the food item and price

 Descriptions and Prices Follow the Pictures

Picture 1 - These are called Bolos. They are way good and come in vanilla, choco, and fraise. Way good, but I bought these bulk. 20 packages of two each. okay guess the price. You can normally buy a package on the street for 200 ariary or 10 cents. But in bulk (how the epecierces buy them) it is 3600 for the 20. So for every 20 the epeceries sell they only make 400 ariary, or 20 cents profit. The epeceries make almost no money.
Mom note: Fraise is strawberry in French, épicerie is a small grocery store, ariary is the money in Madagascar.

Picture 2 - This big box of Apollo is the kinda equivqlent to Ramen, the 60 packages is 36000 or 600 a piece. But now we have a ton in the apartment. 

Picture 3 - Mofo Kely, which means small bread. Mofo is bread, kely is small. This bread is really good. Now think of the price in dollars. Don't read the answer until you guess. This bread costs 300 ariary a loaf, which is 15 cents. Our allotment is 15000 a day, so that is 50 loafs a day!!! 

The other money fact, people don't understand a deal. We were at this restaurant and they have the meal deal, which is more expensive then buying each part separately. And this happens everywhere, or if you are to buy in bulk, they frequently just multiply the price of one. You have to watch or it can bite you in the butt.

Have fun!!
Mom Note: One more picture with a price - but not food.  To help them last longer, Scott had his scriptures bound in leather for about $15.  They were also engraved for that price.


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